Health & Safety

Cleanliness and hygiene you’ll be proud to offer

Environmental, health and safety regulations and guidelines matched or exceeded

When you form a partnership with Revival Corporate Cleaning for your deluxe hotel, you will never have to worry about compromising on health and safety regulations. We make possible not only rapid turnover of your rooms immediately after servicing, but a thorough, professional and hygienic clean that will render every room as good as the day it opened.

Our corporate cleaning service is not only unmatched in its quality, speed and care, it features processes and specialist materials that have been approved and endorsed by furnishing, flooring, fabric, leather and surface materials manufacturers from around the world. We never allow the quality of our ISO 9001-certified and Woolsafe-accredited service to be anything but the best.

When cleanliness, expertise and speed come together for the hotel service you expect: Revival Corporate Cleaning.