Hospitality Services

Confidence from experience

With a quality of service that matches your own

From the moment our staff arrive you will know you are in the right hands. From the livery of our company vehicles to the pristine Revival Corporate Cleaning uniform and immaculate appearance of our technicians, everything about our service points to the quality we bring.

We provide hospitality services to Deluxe hotels. Hotels catering to a selective and experienced clientele, clients who know what they want and do not hesitate to seek other options if they are dissatisfied. Revival will never let you down.

Hotel rooms – be it for individual guests or conferences – have only one purpose: to be used. Rooms that are not ready to be sold are a drain on your resources and an inefficient use of your hotel space. We ensure that the delay between one client leaving and the next client being in a position to enjoy the newly cleaned room is kept to an absolute minimum. Not only do our staff have the experience and technical ability to clean your rooms to the highest level, they do so using materials that will leave your carpets and upholstered furniture dry and ready for use, with no deposited residue of any kind. The quick and efficient recovery of your rooms results in you being able to maximise your resources.

The quality and speed of Revival Corporate Cleaning’s delivery has allowed us to service some of London’s greatest hotels. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our systems to you directly.