Revival Corporate Cleaning – reviving your carpets

As-new condition for even heavily soiled carpets

High-quality carpets are a major capital investment for hotels and one of the most noticeable indicators of the level of the hotel. Even when they are cleaned daily, the build up of ingrained dust carried from the outside, along with various stains and marks, takes its toll. Standard carpet cleaning rarely removes deep stains and can even lead to faster re-soiling.

When the service you offer is exclusive, with deluxe fittings and facilities complementing a world-class level of care, replacing carpets as they become marked is a necessary price of business if you are to stay competitive.

That is, until you use Revival Corporate Cleaning.

Revival have decades of experience in cleaning and restoring carpets to an as-new appearance and on many occasions have been able to perform “recovery cleans” after unsuccessful attempts at cleaning have left carpets unable to be presented to discerning hotel clients. When you use Revival, we perform initial tests on your carpets to verify their colour fastness and note specific stains. We then spot clean all deep stains by hand processes using very special products. Finally, we remove all dirt with a deep, overall clean that leaves no sticky residues. Your as-new carpets are then able to be walked over immediately after cleaning, optimising the use of your facilities and eliminating the need to hold rooms vacant before being ready for your knowledgeable and astute clients.

Revival Corporate Cleaning can put the vibrancy back into your deluxe carpets you thought was gone. And we’ll do the same for your soft and hard floor surfaces, too.  Drop us a line to find out how we can help.