Leather Furnishings

Protecting your leather and allowing its beauty to shine

Made possible through Revival’s unique expertise and processes

Leather furnishings can be what give your deluxe hotel the touch of elegance that your knowledgeable clients will notice and appreciate. However, leather, while seemingly tough and hard wearing, can be surprisingly fragile, needs specialist attention and demands regular refurbishment. Without due care, the damage caused by hotel air conditioning, artificial humidity controls, and normal wear and tear can leave leather furnishings deteriorated beyond the power to restore.

Revival Corporate Cleaning has been successfully treating leather items for many years with a combination of practical expertise and unique processes. Our ISO 9001 credentials speak to our credibility and we take the utmost care with our clients’ valuable leather furnishings.

When you use Revival, we first test to verify the particular leather type and colourfastness. We then apply the only fully approved machine-cleaning system for leather, and after cleaning we revive it using hand-applied reconditioner. Finally, the leather furnishings are brought to a fine finish with expert hand buffing.

When you use Revival Corporate Cleaning to bring life back to your leather furnishings, you can expect to use them immediately after our service; we do not require you to wait for treatments to dry or fumes to disperse. Saving you time, offering greater convenience and facility management, and allowing you to provide an enhanced service to your discriminating clients. Contact us for further details of how we can service your leather furnishings in a manner befitting their quality.