Seating & Soft Furnishings

Restoring your seating and soft furnishings

Ready for use within an hour of cleaning

Spills and stains on a room’s seating and soft furnishings can be not only a drain on the resources of the most lavishly equipped of deluxe hotels, but risk causing lasting damage to the hotel’s credibility in the eyes of their exclusive clientele when they identify stains that have not been noticed by cleaning staff.

When you use ISO 9001-certified and Woolsafe-accredited Revival Corporate Cleaning, we will never allow your seating and soft furnishings to be anything other than pristine and ready for use by the most discerning and demanding of clients.

Most of the cost of seating and soft furnishing replacement and refurbishment is due not to natural wear, but to spoilt appearance. We can help spare you this cost. Revival are specialists in restoring an as-new look to your valuable resources – to the extent that you will be able to re-use them within an hour of our cleaning.

Before cleaning, our experienced team will examine your fabrics and identify every stain prior to their treatment and removal. We use time-tested systems and materials for individual, specific stains and adjust the products we use depending on the nature of each stain and the material of the seat or soft furnishing. After a specialised pre-clean of the whole item, we deep clean using an ultra low-moisture, dry foam extraction system. In this way you are spared all of the problems of “wet” cleaning systems: damage to water-based glues and dyes, material shrinkage, long drying times, and water staining. You are, rather, free to use your resources almost immediately, secure in the knowledge that they have been restored to an as-new appearance.

Get in touch with Revival Corporate Cleaning today for further information on how we can bring life back to your seating and soft furnishings.